About us


Little Crowns Storyhouse Founder

The Early Days: The Spark of Puppetry

Hello everyone, I’m Delvene Pitt, but you can call me ‘Del Del’. My puppetry journey started quite unexpectedly when, at the young age of 14, I was chosen to perform a puppet show at my local church. Despite having no idea what I was doing, the performance was a hit, and a passion ignited within me. I nurtured this newfound interest through puppetry classes with the fantastic team at One Way UK, where I learned the foundations of puppetry that would serve me for years to come.


Education: From TV Production to New York

 I studied television production at university, but after finishing university I wanted to give acting a try. That led me to take part in further acting training at the prestigious Stella Adler Studio in New York City. My time in New York offered me not only the opportunity to learn about acting, but also to work with the student outreach team, engaging schools, community centres, and even jails. Having a love for storytelling, I made a spider puppet called Anansi to teach children about African folklore and culture. I performed in children’s books stores around New York, and my passion for puppetry grew again.


Little Crowns Storyhouse: The Birth of a Dream

Returning to London, I focused all my learning and love for storytelling into creating Little Crowns Storyhouse, initially as a toddler group for which I wrote songs, made puppets, and facilitated. But when lockdown struck, my background in TV production allowed for a smooth transition online, rekindling my love for editing and digital content creation for children.


Expanding Horizons: A World of Opportunities

Throughout my career, I landed a role in a Disney movie,, dived into the world of books with Penguin, crafting a delightful sticker book, and developed my creative crafting skills as a development producer with Three Stones Media. As if that wasn’t enough, I also worked as an assistant producer for BBC Children’s. I was able to gain valuable experience in the production of children’s television. I was able to work with and learn from experienced producers and directors. It was a great learning experience and I was able to develop my creative and technical skills.


A Nanny, A Storyteller, A Creative Soul

Additionally, I have spent the past decade as a nanny, helping children express their creativity through play and cultivating a love of puppetry while balancing a rich and diverse career.


Today and Beyond

I continue to champion the joys of puppetry, storytelling, and nurturing young minds, both at Little Crowns Storyhouse and in every role I am involved in.

Join me in this wonderful journey, as I, along with my faithful puppet companion Samantha, bring a world of joy, learning, and creativity to children worldwide. Let’s continue to weave tales, foster imagination, and build a community where every little crown can shine brightly.