Littlecrowns Storyhouse

interactive puppetry classes for KIDS


Our classes are currently suspended due to covid-19. However you can STILL join in the fun on our YouTube Channel

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Welcome to The Storyhouse

Littlecrowns Storyhouse is a Weekly interactive Puppetry music class for KIDs!

Fun For babies & Toddlers

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 Our classes are unique because we focus on using Puppets! Each week we go into a different journey to the Storyhouse! We dress up, remix nursery rhymes and of course have fun

Fun for Grown ups

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Littlecrowns Storyhouse is an experience that is fun for both grownups and children. We use remixed nursery rhymes, original songs and funky dance moves  that allow both the child and grownup to participate in the classes.

How exciting!

Parties and Events

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Littlecrowns Stoyhouse host many events for birthday parties or private functions. our parties are great for children of all ages!

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